Life works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it? As a maths fanatic and an actuarial science student, I never imagined myself working in the environmental/climate change field. But now that I have, I’m starting to see how every field should have climate change policies at its core. Carbon Jacked has revolutionised my perspective on how climate change should be approached and the last couple of weeks working with the Jacks were nothing short of amazing. I have learnt a tonne and had so much fun doing it.  

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Jack Curtis and Jacques Sheehan are the Co-Founders of environmental start-up Carbon Jacked introduce and make the argument for carbon offsetting.

To read about climate change at the moment is to be bombarded by a mixture of virtue signalling and semi-incomprehensible terms that sound like the name of your middle-aged science teacher’s woeful rock band: ‘carbon neutral’, ‘carbon negative’ and ‘climate positive’. 

At the centre of this is a debate about carbon offsetting and its effectiveness. On one side it’s the devil, a guilt-absolving way to do nothing and keep living your life at the expense of the planet. On the other, it’s a magical solution to save the planet without lifting a finger. So which side is right?

Well, neither.

The truth is...

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We like words. First blog post pending...

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