Truss Fracking, Tech, a TV tip and our Eco King... summing up this week's biggest climate news so you don't have to 👇

1.SHOULD HAVE BEEN BIGGER NEWS: Frack off! Truss goes against tory manifesto, ignores the IPCCs most recent report and turns a blind eye to cost efficiency of green energy in an attempt to solve the energy crisis and cost of living crisis in the UK...

2.TANTALISING TECH: The future’s becoming clearer… well maybe not, but solar panels are and they could soon be replacing windows to generate renewable energy...

3.TV RECO: OG David Attenborough is back on our screens, narrating the long-awaited Frozen Planet II...

4. LONG LIVE THE ECO-WARRIOR KING: It’s fair to say Charles was pretty ahead of the curve on tackling climate change

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Rounding up this week’s climate news so you don’t have to.


1. SHOULD HAVE BEEN BIGGER NEWS: Google now massively underestimates the climate impact of flights. The change follows consultations with “industry partners” (so that would be, um, airlines...). 

2. NAUGHTY NATURE: A real-life Beauty and the Beast this week. The reintroduction of bison to a Kent nature reserve is already proving to be a huge success, and the large blue butterfly (yes, that’s the technical name) has seen its best Summer in the UK in 150 years.

3. CREATIVE COMPANIES: We’ve still not mastered turning water into wine (apart from that one time...), but hopefully Coca Cola will have better luck turning carbon dioxide into sugar. Check out their plans here.

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Our Carbon Jacked memberships help fund some pretty epic climate projects. But…how the hell do we actually choose them? Well, it all starts with...

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Our last no flying trip from London to Naxos Island was pretty extreme, and not the type of trip that’s always feasible, so this time we wanted to show that it can be easy peasy and affordable to switch your short-haul flight for a train or two...

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Rounding up this week’s climate news so you don’t have to. 

1. HARD TO HAVE MISSED: Biden passing his climate bill - yeah it was a big deal. Here's why...

2. NATURE NIGHTMARE: ugly story coming out of the beautiful Lake District. Toxic algae blooms has covered the entirety of Lake Windemere..

3. FOR THE CLIMATE WONKS (PODCAST): how do you actually mean to take carbon out of the atmosphere?..Tune into Plain English with Derek Thompson...

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