CLIMATE NEWS - 16/09/2022

CLIMATE NEWS - 16/09/2022


Rounding up this week’s climate news so you don’t have to: 

  1. TANTALISING TECH: leading crypto currency Ethereum reduced its energy demand by 99.9%, marking a major environmental moment for crypto. Until now crypto has been notoriously energy intensive leading to justified criticism from environmentalists. Maybe we’ll be buying our tofu with ETH soon...

  2. CREATIVE COMPANIES: judging by our LinkedIn feeds, it looks like most people have seen that Patagonia’s founder has given away his company to a charitable trust, with all future profits (approx. $100m a year) going towards tackling climate change. If you’re looking for a genuinely interesting read on what they’ve done that goes beyond the headlines, check this out. Also a decent profile on their “existential dirtbag” founder here.

  3. POD RECOMMENDATION: one for the wonks, but Bloomberg Green’s new podcast ‘Zero’ launched this week. First up, environmental campaigner Bryony Worthington on the UK’s Net Zero target. 

Love, the CJ team. 

Saving the planet shouldn’t be boring. 

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