CLIMATE NEWS - 10/09/2022

CLIMATE NEWS - 10/09/2022

Truss Fracking, Tech, a TV tip and our Eco King... summing up this week's biggest climate news so you don't have to 👇

1. SHOULD HAVE BEEN BIGGER NEWS: Frack off! Truss goes against the Tory manifesto, ignores the IPCC's most recent report, and turns a blind eye to the cost efficiency of green energy to try and solve the energy & cost of living crises in the UK (with somewhat lacking evidence that fracking will actually achieve this). Here’s why fracking is not the answer to the UK's energy crisis. 

 The future’s becoming clearer… well maybe not, but solar panels are and they could soon be replacing windows to generate renewable energy.

3. TV RECOMMENDATION: OG David Attenborough is back on our screens, narrating the long-awaited Frozen Planet II – out on the BBC this Sunday and you can get a sneak peak here.  

4. LONG LIVE THE ECO-WARRIOR KING: It’s fair to say Charles was pretty ahead of the curve on tackling climate change and protecting nature - look here

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