The WWF’s shocking figures, unnecessary domestic flights, green energy milestones and who pays for climate change... we’ve covered it all this week...

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Green growth?, ocean cleanups, river rewillding... summing up this week's biggest climate news so you don't have to 👇

P.s. we thought we’d leave out Truss sinking the economy as it’s hard to have missed. But her latest environmental policies are coming under a pretty unprecedented level of criticism from the National Trust, WWF, RSPB, Wildlife Trust and many more. This ‘attack on nature is certainly worth knowing about.

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It's been epic teaming up with Y1 Sport to help them lead on sustainability. We've worked with them to make them the 'World's First Carbon Neutral Hockey Brand' and we're stoked about. Read all about how we did it. 

Not only that, but their latest drop of Y1 hockey sticks is an eco-range that is dangerously good looking, features the Carbon Jacked logo and states their verified climate action...

If you run a brand or business and want to talk about sustainability, drop us a message - enquiries@carbonjacked.com

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Rounding up this week’s climate news so you don’t have to: 

  1. TANTALISING TECH: leading crypto currency Ethereum reduced its energy demand by 99.9%, marking a major environmental moment for crypto. 

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Ocean plastic pollution is an omnishambles. Yes to resolve it we need wholesale international policy, infrastructure and process change BUT we’re not just going to sit around and wait for that. So we’ve created a way for everyone to do something about it.

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